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Limited Time NYC Public Show of Murder in La La Land | Learn more and get your tickets here 🎇
Limited Time NYC Public Show of Murder in La La Land | Learn more and get your tickets here 🎇

Times are A-Changin’ and So are Corporate Team-Building Activities

August 26, 2022

Times are A-Changin’ and So are Corporate Team-Building Activities

August 26, 2022

In the aftermath of covid-19, the pressure to adapt and manage increasingly more digital relationships is high, forcing corporate leadership to rethink their strategies to keep team engagement and productivity high. Zoom life has its advantages, a major one being the opportunity for your team to log on and connect from virtually (no pun intended) anywhere. However, facilitating a digital connection, while being the best alternative to connecting in person, is another animal. That’s where we come in.

What is “Live In Theater?”

Imagine being able to hire an industry-leading theater company, who innovates the facilitation of mesmerizing, nail-biting, can’t-look-away digital dramas, to handle team-building activities for you. Now, that’s what we like to call a win-win! 

We at Live In Theater specialize in hosting immersive theater experiences, to include team-building activities, holiday parties, and private celebrations that are sure to pique the interest of even your most stoic executive. You can feel good about investing in our corporate team-building activities because we guarantee to provide an unforgettable experience helping to develop the skills you need out of your workforce, all disguised as a wildly fun time for everyone to enjoy!

What Qualities Constitute Effective Corporate Team-Building Activities?

Corporate team-building activities can sometimes spell “snoozefest” for team members, but that’s not how we operate. Not only are we masters of the digital theater experience, but we also intimately understand the qualities that constitute effective team-building that brings your team members together, creates fun memories, and has a lasting impact on your team’s ability to be cohesive, creative, and ultimately successful. 


Everyone knows that the most successful businesses consist of successful teams, so let’s take a look at the qualities that constitute the most effective team-building activities.


  1. Problem-Solving. For one, there has to be some challenge to overcome. The level or intensity of the challenge will be relative to each person, with each of them bringing their own unique skills and viewpoint that can be leveraged by the team to accomplish their goal.
  2. Cooperation. A skill unique to the success of the human race is our ability to cooperate in the pursuit of achieving a common goal. It sets us apart from just about every other species and requires its own subset of skills, such as leadership, trust, communication, and delegation. In order to cooperate, we may have to set aside any “beef” that may get in the way of our ability to be successful, which opens the door for forgiveness, letting go, and ultimately overcoming problems to be better together, a highly prized soft skill that is crucial for teams to practice.
  3. Delegation. Because each person has their own unique set of skills to bring to any problem or challenge, it is in the best interest of the team and their success to have each team member in a role that leverages each individual’s unique skills to create the easiest lift possible for all. Not to mention, delegating tasks creates structure for the problem and the team. Having clear roles and responsibilities provides a feeling of clarity and promotes a sense of ownership in each individual. This in turn creates feelings of belonging, as each person has a very important role to play in the overall management and success of the team. 
  4. Communication. It is possible to achieve success without good communication practices once or twice. Yet, in order to repeatedly succeed, a system for highly effective communication cannot be overlooked. 
  5. Leadership. While many teams have leaders who are always leading, you may find that some team members jump at the opportunity to lead in different contexts. Having at least some leadership skills developed in each team member is ideal so that when a leader exits, you have a pool of qualified leaders who have the team’s trust to fill the new role.
  6. Fun. When your team is having fun, they feel more connected to each other and to themselves! It’s no secret that fun is directly related to memory retention and learning. In our corporate team-building activities, fun is guaranteed.

Why Choose a Virtual Murder Mystery Party for Team-Building?

What makes Live In Theater such an appealing option for corporate team-building activities is our selection of virtual murder mystery shows that challenge your team, forcing them to work together while allowing each individual to shine for their unique contribution. Our team of highly skilled actors has mastered their characters in each of our theatrical offerings, allowing them the freedom to play and be in the moment with their audience. Where they really shine is in the live, interactive improvisation with the audience that creates a unique and unforgettable experience for every group, every time. 


Choose from a variety of virtual murder mystery shows, designed to promote and facilitate high levels of engagement, trust, collaboration, problem-solving, leadership, and not to mention, laughs and fun! You may discover latent potential and unknown talents in each of your team members, which can be leveraged in the workplace to the benefit of all!

Some of our top choices for a corporate team-building virtual murder mysteries are: 

  • The Ryan Case 1873 is our #1 pick for corporate team-building and is set in 19th century NYC at the infamous Five Points (unsolved crime).
  • Mean Queens is a true crime podcast brought to life and set in Brookville University on Halloween night.
  • Murder in La La Land, set in the Golden Age of Hollywood, this show stars iconic celebrities from cinematic history and unveils the dark illusions of showbusiness.

Your team members will be sure to have an incredible time hanging out with each other to try to solve tough clues and interacting with our amazing cast members.

Choose Live In Theater for an Experience You Won’t Forget!

We would love to host your next corporate team-building activity. Take a look at our website for more Live In Theater offerings and book your corporate team-building activity today! 

If you have an idea for a virtual team-building activity and don’t see it on our website, be sure to contact us so we can find the right show for you and your team. We can’t wait!

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