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Limited Time NYC Public Show of Murder in La La Land | Learn more and get your tickets here 🎇
Limited Time NYC Public Show of Murder in La La Land | Learn more and get your tickets here 🎇

We create interactive true crime murder mystery experiences.

Our Story

It was a blistering summer afternoon in New York City in 2009. Carlo had received a phone call from a close friend “Hey! I think you should go check this thing out…it sounds a lot like this thing you’re cooking up!”. This “thing” the friend was calling about was a new piece of theater happening through city streets. Carlo decided to buy a ticket, and within a couple of days, he received a phone call from a mysterious man telling him to meet him at a specific location at a particular time. The game was on! On D-Day, Carlo showed up full of excitement and anticipation. The outcome of that experience (which shall remain nameless) was utterly disappointing and not even close to “real” theater. But what it had done was tell Carlo that his idea of immersing audiences in the middle of a crime, in which fantastic actors and actual historical events would elevate the work from trite “murder mystery” to a dynamic interactive theatrical experience… could work. Within six months, the Ryan Case 1873 was born. A year later LIT was nominated for a prestigious Drama Desk Award!

Keep your heart open and eyes wide; one never knows where inspiration will come!

Our Vision

Our work is a reinvention of the corny, pun-laden farces, typical of murder mystery theater. Live in Theater goes far beyond the “Murder Mystery Party”, instead we foster dynamic content that speaks to our clientele with intelligence, insight, and historically researched truth. Drawn from the twin worlds of true-crime murder mysteries and unsolved historical cases, real events serve as the inspiration for each experience.

Spearheaded by creative director, founder, and visionary Carlo D’Amore, and actualized by a team of some of the country’s best interactive actors, the result is a collection of shows that are: grounded in reality, hilarious, and furiously compelling. With Live in Theater you and your team become the center of the action, you inhabit the worlds we create, as well as having the highly uncommon experience of interacting with characters you would never meet, let alone interrogate. With Live in Theater you get to… Live in Theater.

The Team

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