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Team Building Online: Virtual Games for Global Corporate Teams

September 8, 2023

Team Building Online: Virtual Games for Global Corporate Teams

September 8, 2023

In today’s fast-paced and globalized business world, corporations often operate with teams dispersed worldwide across continents and time zones! While the diversity of such global corporate teams brings a wealth of expertise and perspectives, it can also present challenges in communication, collaboration, and team bonding. Due to geographical barriers, traditional team-building activities that rely on face-to-face interactions may only sometimes be feasible. However, thanks to technological advancements, virtual team-building activities have emerged as a powerful solution to bridge these gaps and foster stronger connections among global corporate teams. This question repeatedly arises: How do we unite and unify all the different perspectives? The short answer is to foster play in your colleges! Play is the answer. There was never in the history of humanity any parent that, after uttering the phrase “go play” to their children, met with “how?” by the child. Play is something all of us did as children. We never had to learn. It’s the same innate ability we can observe in puppies, kittens, and for that matter, any adolescent animal. As we grow into adulthood and the pressures of life take shape, we slowly and regretfully begin to lose our sense of how to imagine and create out of nothing.

This blog will explore the benefits of seeking out “play” by using virtual games for online team building. We will also introduce exciting and innovative game ideas to enhance remote employees’ collaboration, communication, and camaraderie. Yes, this is what play does. I know, AMAZING!

The Power of Virtual Team-Building Online


Team building online is more than just a trend; it has become an essential aspect of corporate culture in the digital age. Virtual team-building activities offer several advantages that make them invaluable for global corporate teams:


  • Overcoming Geographical Barriers: The primary advantage of virtual team-building activities is that they break down geographical barriers. These activities allow employees from different parts of the world to come together in a virtual space, fostering a sense of unity and teamwork that transcends physical distance while all sharing in a shared task.
  • Promoting Communication and Collaboration: Virtual team-building games encourage open communication and collaboration among team members. These activities in a relaxed and informal setting enable employees to communicate more freely, improving relationships and strengthening team dynamics. With Live in Theater, our award-winning actor facilitators excel at engagement—everything we do centers around the principle of commitment. Our actors are so committed to the task that it inadvertently and subconsciously communicates to our audience; you, too, will gain so much from joining in this shared activity.
  • Building Trust and Camaraderie: Trust is a fundamental element of any successful team, and virtual team-building activities provide a platform for team members to bond and build trust in each other. Employees develop a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect by participating in fun and interactive games, mainly because we laugh. We bond through the magic of fun and comradery.
  • Enhancing Problem-Solving Skills: Many virtual team-building games are designed to challenge participants with puzzles, riddles, and critical thinking exercises. These activities foster problem-solving skills and encourage creative thinking and innovation.
  • Fostering Inclusion and Diversity: Virtual team-building activities create an inclusive environment where employees from diverse cultural backgrounds can actively participate and contribute. Embracing diversity enhances creativity and allows different perspectives to enrich the team’s decision-making processes.
  • Improving Morale and Employee Engagement: Engaging in enjoyable and rewarding virtual games can boost employee morale and increase job satisfaction. Happy and motivated employees are more likely to be productive and committed to the organization’s goals, generating more profits!

Some Exciting Virtual Team Building Game Ideas


  • Virtual Escape Rooms: Virtual escape rooms are a popular team-building activity that requires collaboration, communication, and problem-solving. Teams work together to solve puzzles and challenges in a themed digital room, aiming to escape before time. These games not only promote teamwork but also provide an adrenaline-pumping experience. Our top-notch escape rooms are not run-of-the-mill. We have spent considerable resources to develop fascinating and lifelike games, all facilitated by one of our master performers.
  • Online Trivia Challenges: Organize virtual trivia challenges on various topics, including company history, industry knowledge, or general knowledge. Trivia games are not only fun but also encourage healthy competition and a sense of camaraderie among team members.
  • Remote Scavenger Hunts: Plan a virtual scavenger hunt where teams have to find specific items or solve clues from their respective locations. This activity encourages creativity and collaboration, as participants must communicate effectively to complete the hunt successfully.
  • Virtual Murder Mystery Parties: Host a virtual murder mystery party with Live in Theater and prepare to have your mind blown. Your team members will take on different roles and work together to solve a thrilling whodunit. These games promote teamwork, analytical thinking, and creativity while providing an entertaining experience for everyone involved and offering a vast selection of mysteries, with realistic murder mysteries and non-murder scenarios. 
  • Global Puzzle Collaboration: Divide a puzzle into pieces and assign each team member a section. The teams must collaborate virtually to put the puzzle together, symbolizing the importance of each team member’s contribution to the larger picture.
  • Virtual Sports Tournaments: Organize virtual sports tournaments, such as virtual soccer or basketball matches, using online gaming platforms. These tournaments encourage friendly competition and team bonding while promoting a healthy work-life balance.
  • Virtual Art or Cooking Classes: Arrange virtual art or cooking classes where team members can participate in creative activities. These classes promote teamwork, communication, and exploring new skills outside the corporate setting.


In a world where global corporate teams are the norm rather than the exception, team building online has become a crucial aspect of successful business operations. Virtual team-building activities offer an effective solution to overcome geographical barriers and foster collaboration and camaraderie among remote employees. These activities promote communication, trust, and problem-solving skills while celebrating diversity and encouraging creative thinking.

From virtual escape rooms to online trivia challenges and cooking classes, the options for team building online are vast and exciting. By embracing these virtual games, organizations can strengthen their global corporate teams, increase employee engagement, and foster a positive and productive work environment. 

As virtual team-building activities continue to gain momentum, companies must also consider the long-term benefits of fostering a strong sense of unity and camaraderie among their global corporate teams. Team members who feel connected and valued are more likely to remain committed to the organization, leading to increased employee retention rates and reduced turnover costs.

Furthermore, virtual team-building activities can positively impact overall team performance. As employees collaborate and problem-solve in these virtual settings, they better understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This understanding translates into more effective team dynamics and the ability to allocate tasks based on individual skills, resulting in enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Additionally, online team building can be a foundation for future in-person team-building initiatives. When global corporate teams have established strong connections and relationships through virtual games, they are more likely to build on these experiences during face-to-face interactions. In-person team-building events become even more meaningful as team members meet the faces behind the screens and solidify the bonds formed virtually.

Incorporating virtual team-building activities into corporate culture is not only beneficial for remote teams but also for on-site teams. In hybrid work environments, where some team members work remotely while others are physically present, virtual team-building activities help bridge the gap and create a cohesive team spirit across all work settings. Hybrid teams are one of our many specialties here at LIT.



Team building online through virtual games has emerged as a powerful tool for fostering collaboration, communication, and camaraderie among global corporate teams. By breaking down geographical barriers and creating a shared virtual experience, these activities promote open communication, trust, and creativity among team members. The benefits of virtual team building go beyond mere fun and entertainment; they contribute to increased employee engagement, improved team performance, and long-term employee retention.

As the business world continues to evolve and embrace remote and hybrid work models, companies must recognize the value of virtual team-building activities in building strong and cohesive global corporate teams. By investing in these activities and prioritizing team connections, organizations can foster a positive and productive work environment that drives success and growth in an increasingly interconnected world. Embrace the power of virtual games for team building online and witness the transformation of your global corporate teams into thriving, high-performing units that transcend geographical boundaries and achieve remarkable success. Embrace the power of virtual team building and watch your international teams thrive and reach new heights of success!

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