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Limited Time NYC Public Show of Murder in La La Land | Learn more and get your tickets here 🎇

Play, and How It Enhances Human Interaction.

October 1, 2021

Play, and How It Enhances Human Interaction.

October 1, 2021

We’re all social beings. So, if we stay in isolation for so long, it can affect us adversely. That’s why you must have noticed, at least in movies, that solitary confinement is an extreme punishment.

Therefore, interaction must be paramount in our priorities. However, as our responsibilities pile up, human interaction becomes less frequent. Wisdom would thus be to engage in activities that force us to interact with each other.

One such activity is playing. Unfortunately, if you’re an adult, you may not immediately see the importance of playing. You may even think that it’s far beneath you. If only you knew how beneficial playing is, especially for adults!

Firstly, Play Brings People Together

Many of us truly desire to interact more with people. However, we don’t get such opportunities often. So, it means that the first step to increased human interaction is to bring people together. That’s why playing is such a vital activity.

For example, imagine your office separating a day for employees to play. Now, everyone will most likely have to gather. In such gatherings, communication is often inevitable. This is because you can’t play in silence, except that’s the rule.

Now, even if everyone starts discussing office matters, playing has already created that environment for interaction. So, playing creates that atmosphere for people to interact. It’s then left for individuals to maximize this opportunity.

Now, We Can Build and Strengthen Relationships

Let’s stick with the workplace analogy. So, imagine that there’s an employee feud at the office. However, on play day, everyone has to play together. Now, this will be challenging if there are unsettled quarrels amongst you.

Therefore, forgiveness and letting go of wrongs are around the corner. In addition, while playing, you get a chance to focus less on complex issues like petty quarrels. At this stage, the singular goal is to win the games or enjoy your play.

In this atmosphere of joy and vitality, it’s easier to abandon hurts and disappointments. You can also develop trust while playing together. Now, the interactive opportunity play brings has yielded great fruit.

Play Improves Social Skills

You can read about social skills, as many of us do. However, you don’t yet have excellent social skills until you successfully interact with people. So, what better way to achieve this than when playing with them? While playing, skills such as sportsmanship, tolerance, support, and respect become necessary. If you can successfully exhibit these qualities while playing, you’re well on your way to improving your social skills.

You Could Play With a Live Theater Event

Clearly, the most crucial step is creating the opportunity where people can play with each other. It could be physically or virtually. However, in 2021, virtual playing should top your list. So, you could consider playful team-building activities on Zoom.

If you do, our top-rated virtual theatre can deliver a wonderful experience. Notably, we serve companies and other people groups. So, why not take advantage of this excellent opportunity to play more? Contact Live in Theater for more information today.

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